Supply Chain Roundtable

Global Marine Ingredients
(coordinated by IFFO)

In October 2021, SFP and IFFO (The Marine Ingredients Organization) announced the launch of the Global Roundtable on Marine Ingredients. The Roundtable supports pre-competitive efforts by members to catalyze and support fishery improvement projects (FIPs), better understand and address urgent social issues and enhance social responsibility, and explore other strategies to improve the availability of sustainable marine ingredients. 

Given the global nature of trade in fishmeal and oil, SFP phased out three previous regional reduction fisheries SRs – the Asian Reduction Fisheries SR, the Latin American Reduction Fisheries SR, and the European Sustainable Fishmeal SR – to build the Global Roundtable, which also captures other important regions, such as Northwest Africa. 

In addition, this change extends our reach to the entire marine ingredients supply chain. The Roundtable takes a whole value chain approach, engaging a variety of users of marine ingredients, including producers of pet food, nutraceuticals, cosmetics, and other products, and involving key supply chain actors, including producers, processors, trade associations, and certification standards.

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SFP Reduction Fisheries Sustainability Overviews

Since 2010, SFP has published an annual sustainability overview of the main Atlantic and Pacific stocks that are used for fishmeal and fish oil.

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