SFP today released a new publication – ‘The Seafood Industry Guide to FIPs’. The guide is designed for seafood professionals who want an easy introduction to fishery improvement projects (FIPs) and links to more detailed resources.

The Guide covers the basic stages of running an improvement project as well as many examples of successful FIPs and web links to other organisations that can provide guidance and assistance. SFP also provides advice and support to those in the seafood industry looking to set up their own projects and maintains a set of resources on the organization’s website – http://www.sustainablefish.org/fisheries-improvement

 The Guide can be accessed at :http://www.sustainablefish.org/publications/2014/04/30/the-seafood-industry-guide-to-fips Commenting on the release of the guide, Blake Lee-Harwood of SFP said:“We really believe that the seafood industry is in the best position to lead fishery improvement projects and we want to provide all the support that we can to help them do that. This Guide is an easy introduction to the subject of FIPs and we hope it will inspire readers to get more engaged in improvement projects and start talking to their colleagues across the seafood supply chain.”