“The planet is facing a biodiversity crisis. We are pleased that Thai Union’s SeaChange 2030 focuses on biodiversity, specifically wild caught seafood and ecosystem restoration. 

Bycatch in commercial fishing continues to be the leading driver of population decline of many vulnerable marine wildlife species. Yet there are proven fishing techniques and practices to reduce bycatch that just need to be adopted at scale. 

And that’s exactly what Thai Union is doing with its SeaChange® 2030 commitments. Thai Union doesn’t just rely on certification requirements, but will continuously monitor and drive adoption of the very best ways available to reduce bycatch as much as possible and address the wider ecosystem impacts of fishing and farming. 

Thai Union is setting a new level and expectations for seafood sustainability with its ambitious and concrete commitments to protect ocean wildlife. If everyone followed suit, the seafood industry could play a huge role in addressing this biodiversity crisis and help restore marine wildlife.” 

– Kathryn Novak, Biodiversity & Nature Director, Sustainable Fisheries Partnership

Press Release: Thai Union Launches SeaChange® 2030, Committing THB 7.2 Billion (USD 200 Million) to Advance Sustainability Goals