Improving Fisheries Management

Universal Fishery IDs Pilot Projects

Sponsor a Universal Fishery IDs Pilot Project in Your Supply Chain

Work with SFP to develop and implement a pilot project in your supply chain, to test the new universal fishery identifiers being developed by SFP and the UN Food and Agriculture Organization.

What are the benefits of using universal fishery IDs

  • More assurance in knowing your source fisheries
  • Strengthened traceability
  • Faster and easier reporting by connecting source fisheries to internal and external information
  • Access to more marketing content and opportunities.

Why sponsor a pilot project?

  • Establish your company as a leader by being one of the first companies in the world to pilot and use the identifiers.
  • Get a head start on compliance, as the identifiers will likely become a requirement in catch documentation, import rules, and customer procurement forms.
  • Benefit from publicity of being a first-mover to adopt an industry-transforming innovation.
universal fishery ids bar code fish

What are universal fishery IDs?

  • A unique code assigned to every fishery in the world (similar to a Universal Product Code or European Article Number on packaged goods).
  • A global standard and database overseen by the United Nations Food and Agriculture Organization.
  • Each fishery has a “human-readable” code compiling and referencing authoritative sources (e.g., species codes, countries list, gear type abbreviations) and a “computer-readable” code that is a universal unique identifier (UUID).

What is SFP offering as part of this service?

Module 1: Base trainings
  • Two (2) remote/virtual introductory trainings for your company
  • Custom PowerPoint deck including trainings and discussions/directions for your company with regard to the IDs.

Estimated timeframe: 1 month

Fee: US$2,000

Module 2: Pilot project design
  • Identification of a source fishery or fisheries for the pilot
  • Agreement on company objectives for using the IDs
  • Identification of and engagement with supply chain targets and other project partners
  • Approximately three (3) remote calls with key individuals to design the pilot
  • Custom PowerPoint deck detailing the agreed design of the pilot, who is responsible for what actions, next steps, and timeline.

Estimated timeframe: 2 months

Fee: US$8,000

Module 3: Pilot project implementation
  • Implementation of the design agreed to in Module 2 to apply the fishery IDs in your company’s and/or partners’ systems
  • Approximately five (5) remote calls with key individuals to implement the pilot
  • PowerPoint deck detailing the tangible application of the IDs, which would include content (e.g., data, stories, images, videos) supplied by your company and/or project partners to help reach the objectives agreed to in Module 2
  • Possible SFP field visit/training as part of Module 3.

Estimated timeframe: 3 months

Fee: US$10,000

Fishery IDs pilot project participants with big fish at Seafood Expo North America

Guy Pizzutti of Publix Super Markets; SFP Global Policy Director Brad Spear; Bill DiMento of High Liner Foods; and Blake Stok of Thai Union North America came together at Seafood Expo North America 2023 in Boston to announce pilot projects companies are championing to test the use of  universal fishery IDs.

Estimated time frame across all Modules:
  • 6 months
Total fee across all Modules:
  • US$20,000

Sponsor a pilot project

Contact SFP to learn more about opportunities to sponsor a universal fishery identifier pilot project in your supply chain.