Tool Type

Traceability | Risk assessments | Improvements - landscape and jurisdictional approach

Risk Type

Climate change | Environmental

Feed Ingredients

drawing of an algae cell


line drawing of a chicken

Animal proteins (LAP/PAP)

link drawing of a fish skeleton

Aquaculture trimmings

line drawing of wheat sprigs


line drawing of insect larvae


line drawing of a palm with an oil droplet

Oil palm

line drawing of dna and molecule structure

Single-cell proteins (SCP)

line drawing of soy pods


line drawing of a vitamin gel capsule

Vitamins & minerals

line drawing of a fish

Wild capture fisheries

What is it?

Daemeter is a consulting firm that focuses on sustainable development by managing natural resources responsibly and fairly, especially in growing Asian economies. They have offices in Indonesia and the USA and offer various services to help clients and partners meet their social and environmental goals.

Daemeter specialize in:

  • Sustainable supply chains

Daemeter helps companies in the commodity sector create transparent, responsible, and profitable supply chains. They do this by developing sustainability systems for companies, conducting assessments, creating policies and action plans, providing training, and implementing tools aligned with green investment and international standards.

Through their technology and expertise, Daemeter helps companies analyze environmental risks and prioritize areas and stakeholders for engagement. They also work at the landscape level where they connect companies with governments and civil society to establish conservation and community programs with long-lasting effects.

  • Landscape Initiatives

Since 2016, Daemeter has been working on landscape programs in Indonesia. They aim to help create collaborative programs involving multiple stakeholders to make long-lasting changes over large areas.

  • Smallholders and Livelihoods

Daemeter helps small-scale farmers become key players in achieving sustainable production and better livelihoods. They understand the real-life challenges faced by farmers and use this knowledge to create strategies that support small-scale commodity production and empower farmers. Daemeter also puts these plans into action on the ground, from community forestry projects to building stronger farmer cooperatives, as well as assisting with land titling in areas dominated by smallholders. Additionally, they organize training workshops to enhance the skills and knowledge of both local communities and external groups.

  • Forest and Climate

They also provide advice on nature-based solutions and carbon projects, helping to create strategies that cut down greenhouse gas emissions, promote carbon neutrality, and encourage the use of sustainable technologies and practices in various areas. They work closely with partners and external allies to develop effective action plans that meet global climate agreements and set a high standard for climate, community, and biodiversity preservation.