BVRIO – Soycheck


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Risk assessments

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Climate change | Environmental

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Animal proteins (LAP/PAP)

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Aquaculture trimmings

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Single-cell proteins (SCP)

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Vitamins & minerals

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Wild capture fisheries

What is it?

The BVRIO – Cerrado Soy Production Map (Soycheck) tool assesses deforestation and conversion of native vegetation at the farm level for soy production areas in the Cerrado region of Brazil.

How to use it

The tool maps individual soy farms identified by their Cadastro Ambiental Rural (CAR) registration within the Cerrado savanna region and biome of Brazil. Users can quickly identify a farm and whether any recent deforestation is associated with it by inputting a CAR number associated with their supply chain.  

The map can also be interrogated without a CAR license number by comparing evidence of deforestation and designated protected and indigenous areas provided by other organizations against all of the farms mapped.  

The tool can also be used by farmers themselves to demonstrate their deforestation-free status.