SFP’s Global Fisheries and Aquaculture Forum brought together more than 100 participants from industry, NGOs, and development agencies from February 6-7, 2019, in Miami, Florida. A key highlight was a high-level dialogue with McDonald’s Corporation about their sustainability commitments and history with SFP. Panel discussions featured SFP experts and industry leaders from companies including Netuno, Publix, and High Liner Foods.


Available Presentations:

Scaling-Up Improvement Efforts: National Policy Approach – How national-level improvement efforts can more efficiently and effectively advance sustainability in fisheries in Mexico and Indonesia, and aquaculture in Asia.
Andre Brugger (Netuno)Pablo Cueva (UNDP Ecuador)Julian Portilla (Impacto Colectivo), Facilitated by Megan Westmeyer

Scaling-up Improvement Projects: Transboundary Fisheries (mahi, squid, and tuna) – A look at how multinational industry groups, coastal states, and Regional Fisheries Management Organizations (RFMOs) can accelerate the improvement of important species like tuna, squid, and mahi.
Guy Pizzuti (Publix Super Markets), Richard Stavis (Stavis Seafoods), Guillermo Casquero (CABOMAR), Facilitated by Tom Pickerell

Advances in Sustainable Aquaculture – Exciting initiatives and developments in global aquaculture production, and a look at SFP’s Sustainable Aquaculture Framework.
Elena Piana (Sea Farms), Bill DiMento (HLF), Chris Ninnes (ASC), Facilitated by David Martin

Pre-Competitive Collaborations: Not Just for Industry – How NGOs are working together around Target 75 sectors to help advance change globally.
Cecilia Blasco (SmartFish)Perry Broderick, (Ocean Outcomes)Robin Teets (NGO Tuna Forum), Facilitated by Sam Grimley

Case Study: Efforts to Support Industry in Advancing Target 75 and Sustainability –
This discussion aims to inform industry of examples of development agency funding toward improvement efforts, and how it could help with their own sustainability challenges and needs. Augusto Lopez (Cañeros de Manta)Diego Orellana (UNDP-GMC), Facilitated by Carmen Gonzalez-Valles Martinez

Achieving the Global Ambition of Target 75: Getting New Markets Involved – An update on groundbreaking new improvement efforts getting underway in Africa and Japan, and a discussion of how to engage critical markets such as South Korea and China.
Wakao Hanaoka (Seafood Legacy)Jean Louis Meuric (Sysco France)Christian Severin, GEF, Facilitated by Pedro Ferreiro V elasco