SFP’s Global Policy Director, Brad Spear, led a panel at the Seafood2030 Virtual Sustainability Forum entitled “All Hands on Deck: A Coordinated Approach to Improving Fisheries Management.” The Forum took place December 1-2, 2021.

Tools including certification, fishery improvement projects and pre-competitive collaborations like Supply Chain Roundtables (SRs) have had a significant impact on driving better management in fisheries across the globe. Many of the remaining unsustainable fisheries can use traditional market-based tools, but will also require additional actors and strategies to drive responsible management to reach a target of 75 percent of global fisheries sustainably managed. Using Ecuador small pelagics management as an example, this session looked at how to ensure our collective strategy to improve fisheries management efficiently and effectively addresses the new challenges in front of us.

For more information, please visit the Seafood2030 website.