Seafood Expo Asia 2022

SFP hosted a workshop at Seafood Expo Asia 2022 in Singapore. The workshop offered a practical opportunity for seafood buyers, suppliers, and producers to learn more about seafood sustainability topics, around the key themes of industry leadership, new data and technology, aquaculture, and fisheries management. See agenda below:


2022 marked the first year that SFP had a team on the ground at Seafood Expo Asia, and the team was encouraged to see that sustainability was high on the agenda at the show.

“It was clear that the seafood industry in the Asia region is taking a step forward to join the sustainability and improvement efforts that SFP promotes,” said SFP Supply Chain Roundtable Director Carmen Gonzalez-Vallés, who attended the event.

The SFP team had the opportunity to meet with numerous buyers and suppliers from the Asia region, as well as NGOs that are working on similar issues, such as IUU fishing. These connections are key for expanding our efforts into Asia, which, as both an end market and a producing region, is a vital part of achieving sustainable seafood.

“SFP’s work with partners in North America, the UK, Europe, and other markets has led to important progress on sustainability,” said SFP Global Policy Director Brad Spear, who was also part of the SFP team. “But, to start reaching the fisheries where those markets don’t have as much leverage, it is really important to get the Asian buying market aligned with our shared goals and using their leverage to push for sustainability to exceed T75 for all sectors.”

“At the end of the day, the seafood harvested in this region is going to supermarkets all over the world, so seeing the industry interest and engagement in sustainability is encouraging,” Gonzalez-Vallés added.


Workshop Agenda: Seafood Sustainability: Why, What, and How-To 

1. Welcome, SFP, and the Sustainability Value Proposition (10 minutes)

  • Braddock Spear, Global Policy Director, Sustainable Fisheries Partnership

2. Keynote speech: Why Sustainability (15 minutes)

  • Adam Brennan, Group Director, Sustainability, Thai Union

3. Roundtable with Real-time Audience Polling: Industry Leadership and Sustainability (35 minutes)

Moderated by Adam Brennan, Group Director, Sustainability, Thai Union


  • Wakao Hanaoka, CEO, Seafood Legacy
  • Christian Schmidradner, Managing Partner, SeaTrace International

4. Talk: Using data and technology to power and improve your seafood transparency, reporting, and sustainability (15 minutes)

  • Braddock Spear, Global Policy Director, Sustainable Fisheries Partnership

5. Panel: Landscape-based aquaculture for a sustainable future in Asia (25 minutes)

  • Elena Piana, Founder, Noola Redclaw
  • Syamsul Arifin, Asia regional coordinator, Global Seafood Alliance

6. Panel: Tackling the tough challenges in fisheries: stories from around the world (25 minutes)

  • Carmen Gonzalez Valles, Director of Supply Chain Roundtables, Sustainable Fisheries Partnership
  • Nicola Clark, Impacts Manager, Marin Trust

7. Final Q&A/Closing/Call to Action (10 minutes)

  • Braddock Spear, Global Policy Director, Sustainable Fisheries Partnership