Senior Program Manager (Panama, Central America, or the Caribbean)


Founded in 2006, Sustainable Fisheries Partnership (SFP) is a marine conservation organization working toward a world where the oceans are healthy, all seafood is produced sustainably, and everyone has access to sustainable seafood. We leverage the power of seafood buyers and retailers in every part of the seafood supply chain to rebuild depleted fish stocks, reduce the environmental impacts of fishing and fish farming, address social issues in fishing, and advance economic opportunities for fishers and their communities. Our Supply Chain Roundtables (SRs) allow seafood suppliers to work together in a pre-competitive environment to promote and support improvements in fishery and aquaculture practices, management, and policy.

Position Summary 

If you have a broad command of seafood sustainability issues, co-management, and global seafood markets, this position will empower you to contribute in a meaningful way and make a difference in important ocean conservation efforts. SFP is looking for someone whose experience and personal values and interests align with our mission. We embrace our inclusive culture and encourage candidates of all backgrounds and perspectives to apply.

SFP’s Global Fisheries Program operates globally to rebuild depleted fish stocks, reduce the environmental impacts of fishing, and improve the well-being of fishing communities, by engaging fishery stakeholders and seafood businesses. SFP implements several projects in the Latin America region focused on strengthening the private sector’s capacity to lead fishery improvement through co-management principles, and improving science and governance.

The primary role of the Senior Program Manager is to work with the Latin America Fisheries Program team in delivering SFP’s mission, being directly responsible for the implementation of projects in Central America and the Caribbean and overseeing the performance of the Latin America Region initiatives. The Program Manager is also responsible for overseeing all aspects of SFP’s engagement in fisheries issues around Central America and the Caribbean, including tracking and facilitating developments in individual fisheries, reporting internally and externally, writing reports for funders, and coordinating with stakeholders.

Key Responsibilities/Activities

This role comprises four main areas of responsibility:  Management; Coordination; Analysis, Strategy & Planning; and Monitoring & Support.

Management (30%)

  • Support oversight of overall field program implementation involving Latin American fisheries and lead implementation of field programs in Central America and the Caribbean.
  • Ensure timely delivery of program outcomes against donor deliverables in the region.
  • Represent SFP at relevant events within and outside the region when they relate to the Latin America field program.
  • Develops ToRs (terms of reference) for staff and consultants, and supervise teamwork.
  • Contribute to the development of fundraising proposals.
  • Participate in regular check-in calls with donors to update them on grant implementation progress.

Coordination (30%)

  • Support coordination of the implementation of the SFP field program in Latin America and liaise closely with other SFP program leads (e.g., SR leads, F4S, etc.) to ensure the achievement of SFP strategic objectives.
  • Actively coordinate actions with government, non-governmental organizations, and fishery stakeholders from producing countries in Central America and the Caribbean, as required to meet SFP’s organizational objectives and grant deliverables.
  • Provide technical advice to Supply Chain Roundtable (SR) participants, Regional Key Vendor Group members, FIP implementers, and fishery stakeholders for the initiation and implementation of fishery improvement initiatives.
  • Provide training sessions and regular mentoring to relevant stakeholders regarding planning, development, and implementation of initiatives in favor of improving fisheries toward sustainability.
  • Liaise closely with FIP implementers and fishery stakeholders in focus fisheries and gather information to ensure the effectiveness of project interventions and development of new initiatives in support of fishery improvements.
  • Gather relevant information related to science and management of specific fisheries and provide input to fishery assessments

Analysis, Strategy, and Planning (20%)

  • Develop analyses of relevant seafood products and identify companies in the supply chain.
  • Develop corporate engagement strategies and mobilize companies in the seafood supply chain to join SRs and support national FIPs and regional improvement initiatives.
  • Generate relevant analysis on fisheries sustainability performance, policy gaps, and other grounded research, and brief relevant stakeholders (e.g., participants in SRs, Regional Key Vendor Groups, FIP implementers, etc.).
  • Contribute to, and when applicable lead, the publication of technical documents, policy papers, and other research outcomes as they relate to SFP’s objectives and grant commitments.
  • Draft press releases and provide input to the Communications team.

Monitoring and Support (20%)

  • Monitor performance of relevant initiatives occurring in the field within relevant countries in the region.
  • Develop regular workplans, and provide input to monitoring and reporting of various grant deliverables.
  • Organize events and meetings as required, including in-country logistical support.

Essential Qualifications and Skills

  • Bachelor’s degree in fisheries or a related environmental field
  • 8+ years’ experience in project management, seafood industry, or marine conservation
  • Thorough and demonstrable understanding of seafood sustainability issues, co-management, and global seafood markets
  • Good communication skills in English and Spanish (speaking, reading, and writing)
  • Excellent organization and negotiation skills
  • Ability to prioritize and manage several different tasks at once
  • Keen judgment; ability to apply knowledge, skills, and experience in accordance with professional standards, laws, and ethical principles to determine best course of action
  • Ability to understand complex situations and then provide structured and organized solutions
  • Ability to handle sensitive information with strict confidentiality
  • Ability and willingness to travel internationally to remote locations
  • Personal qualities of honesty and integrity, and a commitment to conservation
  • Flexibility to effectively balance independent initiative with team collaboration
  • Ability to work within a framework of responsibilities, objectives, and deadlines without (or with limited) in-person supervision
  • Ability to work comfortably and effectively in a mostly or fully online environment: work-from-home arrangements, strong practical knowledge of productivity software and/or platforms (i.e., Word, Excel, email, and other common business communication tools), ability to learn new technology with ease, etc.
  • Good IT skills, and experience with computer systems beyond email and Microsoft Office
  • Cultural awareness to work and communicate effectively with diverse colleagues
  • Scheduling flexibility to facilitate interactions with globally dispersed colleagues

Additional/Desirable Qualifications and Skills

Master’s degree in a relevant subject

Level of Effort

This is a full-time employee position.  Level of Effort is expected to be 40 hours per week.


Competitive; salary based on experience and qualifications


If you think that this job would benefit from your skillset and background, we encourage you to apply, even if you don’t think you’re the “perfect fit.”  This position is part of a highly diverse team, and we are always looking for new talent to contribute from unique or under-represented perspectives.  As an equal-opportunity employer, SFP encourages candidates of all ages, races, national origins, genders, sexual orientations, religions, physical abilities, and other diverse attributes to apply.

The deadline is 30 September 2022 (to be extended until we find the right candidate). All inquiries will be kept in the strictest confidence. Qualified candidates should submit the following to directly to with the subject line “Senior Program Manager, Latin America”:

  • Letter of interest (no more than 1 page)
  • Resume/CV, including 2 references