Supply Chain Roundtable

Global Whitefish

The Global Whitefish Supply Chain Roundtable (SR) was created in late 2020 by consolidating three whitefish SRs, the Northwest Atlantic Cod, South American Whitefish, and Russian Far East Whitefish SRs, into a single industry forum. Intended SR participants include large, first-tier whitefish suppliers and branded whitefish companies. 

The SR serves as a pre-competitive platform for participants to monitor the sustainability status of the global whitefish sector, while using supply chain intervention to engage in any necessary improvement efforts.

Sector Snapshot

11 Global Whitefish FIPs

1 Roundtable Participating Companies

62 Certified/Sustainable Fisheries

59 % Global Whitefish Production Sustainable or Improving

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To join the Global Whitefish Supply Chain Roundtable or for more information, please contact Dave Martin or call SFP at 1-808-726-2582.

Impact & Updates


Q2 2021 Update: 

Ten major whitefish suppliers met in June to discuss the design and establishment of the SR. Technical updates on Barents Sea cod and West Bering Sea pollock fisheries were also presented.  

Sector Background

Currently, nearly 60 percent of global supply in wild-caught whitefish is considered sustainable or improving. The whitefish sector has made vast improvements in sustainability over the last decade. 

Despite the sustainability progress, issues still persist across the wild whitefish sector. Climate change impacts are already disrupting major whitefish stocks. Impacts on endangered, threatened, and protected (ETP) species and habitats remain in key whitefish fisheries, while some fisheries are losing their MSC certifications or failing to close-out conditions. Even in some fisheries with fairly strong fishery management approaches, data transparency is still lacking. All of these concerns likely present serious supply disruptions to the companies that depend on whitefish. Additionally, major customers (retailers and foodservice companies) continue to elevate their responsible sourcing requirements to address social issues, climate change, and other emerging environmental concerns. The Global Whitefish SR provides participants with a pre-competitive, collaborative platform to proactively address these sustainability issues.   

Join This Roundtable

To join the Global Whitefish Supply Chain Roundtable or for more information, please contact Sam Grimley or call SFP at 1-808-726-2582.